Michael Felderer,
University of Innsbruck (A), Personal Website
Software Testing, Software Quality, Empirical Software Engineering, Security Engineering, Requirements Engineering

Reiner Hähnle,
TU Darmstadt (GER), Personal Website
Formal Methods in Software Engineering, formal verification of object-oriented software, modelling and specification of highly adaptive software systems, automated Test Case Generation by Symbolic Execution, program understanding

Klaus Havelund,
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (USA), Personal Website
Dynamic program analysis (Runtime Verification), Domain Specific Languages, coding standards, specification versus programming languages

Mike Hinchey,
University of Limerick and Lero (IRL), Personal Website
The Irish Software Research Center Lero
Automated Code Generation, Autonomic Computing, Formal Methods, Software Product Lines

Axel Legay,
INRIA Rennes (FRA), Personal Website
(Statistical) Model Checking, Software Product Lines, software variability

Tiziana Margaria,
University of Limerick and Lero (IRL), Personal Website
The Irish Software Research Center Lero
Formal Methods, Validation and Verification, software and process modelling, Scientific Workflows, bio- and medical informatics, constraint-based variability modelling, Product Lines

Arend Rensink,
University of Twente (NL), Personal Website
Software Modelling, Transformation and Verification

Bernhard Steffen (EiC),
TU Dortmund (GER), Personal Website
Formal Methods, Verification and Validations, semantics of programming languages, Model Checking and Synthesis, Automata Learning, Test-Based Modelling, Meta Modelling, model/program transformation, constraint-based variability modelling, Product Lines

Stavros Tripakis,
Aalto University (Finland) and University of California, Berkeley (USA), Personal Website
Formal Methods, Computer-aided System Design, Cyber-Physical Systems

Martin Wirsing,
Ludwigs-Maximilian Universität München (GER), Personal Website
Autonomous, Adaptive and Self-ware Systems, Formal Methods, semantics of programming lanuages, hypermedia and web applications